Mission, vision and themes

1. Mission

We, the Dutch Soy Coalition, aim to reduce the negative social and environmental impacts of soy production, transport, processing and consumption.

2. Vision

To achieve our mission the Dutch Soy Coalition works on a combination of themes, targeting different audiences.

2.1. The themes: the 3 R’s

Responsible soy

Two activities aim to make the soy value chain more responsible:

  • Reducing impacts of soy production, or improvements in the system: Here, we aim to reduce the impacts or improve aspects of the current soy production. Examples are better management practices or enabling small farmers to produce certified soy.
  • Enabling ‘full’ sustainability, or improvements of the system: Here, we aim to achieve ‘full’ sustainability of the soy production, including a broader range of issues including (small) farmers’ rights, seed diversity, and power relations in the chain.


One of the main uses of soy is as an ingredient in animal feed. Activities under this theme work towards replacing soy in feed by other protein-rich ingredients. Examples of activities include research and pilots on alternative feed crops that can be produced in Europe. By lowering the demand for soy in this manner, the threats caused by the expansion of soy production in South America can be countered.


These activities aim to reduce (meat) consumption. Since soy is mainly used in animal feed, reducing meat consumption can contribute to lowering the impacts of (the expansion of) soy production. An example of activities under this theme is raising the awareness among consumers about the link between meat consumption and the impacts of soy production in South America. Activities also address another important use of soy for biodiesel. DSC members will, in collaboration with other NGOs working on this issue, work on reducing the use of not sustainably produced feedstocks as biofuel.